3 Important Things You Should Know about Bartending Training

3 Important Things You Should Know about Bartending Training

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As the popularity of pub culture has become common, bartending, as a profession, attracts the present young generation to try it out. As per École du bar de Montréal, a professional bartender must be aware of the hospitality and have the knowledge of the mixing ratio of the drinks he makes for his customers. Bartending is an interesting and unconventional career field. This is purely an industry related to hospitality connected to food and beverage section. A skilled bartender should be prompt in all aspects and meet the customer demands easily. If you are interested to take up bartending as a career option and you wish to know more, then you have hit the right page. Here, we shall be discussing a few vital points that you must know about bartending training:-

An Ideal Bartender Needs to Know Multitasking

During the time of service, a bartender will have to perform two or three activities at a time. Like with all the utensils, he should be ready to make the cocktail in no time. At the same time, he has to attend a number of guests/customers at a time and prioritize whom to attend first. A professional as well as prospective bartender should be busy with both hands. Smiling face is also another way of good interaction to welcome the first timers and the known faces. This is an important aspect that is taught in bartending trainings.

The Activities behind the Bar

When a bartender is performing his role, he should concentrate on the activities that are co-related to his job. For example, let’s say a guest has placed his order with you. After taking the order, do not kill the precious time of the valued customers/guests by engaging yourself in your personal work like talking over the phone, chatting online etc. (unless you have taken a break).These petty things may irritate the customer and the pub will earn a bad reputation. Your prospective career may be hampered if you keep repeating the same things. Other than serving, an ideal bartender has to count the consumption by the customer for billing purpose. He is also responsible for the stock position in the storeroom to avoid last minute crisis.

Know Your Job Well

It is understood that a bartender needs to be well aware with the names of the classic cocktails. If you are new to the field, waste no time in memorizing the menu options that are being served at the counter and also learn the best to serve the drinks that are popular in the pub where you work. Even if you are new to the pub, knowing these things will help you tremendously and help you build a repo with your clients.

Hence, the motto of the training is your skill for the job, customer satisfaction and dedication to the work you engaged for. There may be some bad days too, but make sure that it doesn’t affect you much and stay dedicated to your work. If you can handle these things tactfully, then this will help you grow in your career.

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