Become a Writer who writes For Passion, Professionally

Become a Writer who writes For Passion, Professionally

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Most people start writing as a hobby and are considered fortunate if it turns into their profession as well. Even though so many writers face the writer’s block, they push through it and write solely fueled by their passion.

However, turning passion into profession doesn’t come naturally to everyone, which is why this article will comprehensively answer the question of How to turn essay writing into a lucrative business?”

  • A Clear Vision

A crucial first step in any business, having a clear vision dictates the checkpoints and goals of the writer’s future. As the writer is going to be spending most of his time on it, he must decide how big of a chunk of his life he wants to make it. He has to answer the question of whether he is going to involve in writing for a few years down the line and grab other opportunities as they open up or if he wants to stick to it for decades.

Answering these questions will create a clear vision in his mind and encourage him to set down and look out for milestones.

  • Strengths and Weaknesses

Playing on his strengths long enough to eliminate weaknesses, a writer can become extraordinarily versatile and thus, successful in writing business. Asking for help from others in managing gaps improves the quality of the work output and serves as a learning experience.

Mastering a niche and sticking to it creates a speciality that attracts a specific group of clients. So, the writer should choose a niche based on his experience in life, business, hobbies, volunteer work, interests, passions and its sustainability in the distant future.

  • Testing the Waters

Before getting into the writing business, a writer should research extensively about the competition. He should look for the kind of services other writers offer, how they offer them, but most importantly what they don’t provide. A writer should strive to provide services in such a unique that a client cannot get anywhere else.

The next part of the research is knowing the customers. Government’s contracts include long-term jobs with stability and high pay, while people working in the art and entertainment industry are sure to experience a wide variety of exciting challenges.

  • Building Relationships

Producing high-quality content will always be rewarded with loyal clients and many future projects. A writer should follow his ethics and deliver content ahead of time to impress the clients. Another thing that most writers don’t do at all is follow up. A writer should follow up with his past, existing and prospective clients to build a relationship that carries on into the future in the benefit of both the sides.

Thus, to answer the question of “How to turn essay writing into a lucrative business?”, a writer who has a clear vision plays with his strengths, knows his competition and customers and builds positive relationships with his clients is on an unstoppable path to success and affluence.

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