Tips on how to write a research paper

Tips on how to write a research paper

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Two words capable of causing a brain freeze in the minds of scholars are “research paper”. A research paper is an abhorred piece of writing probably because of the decent amount of work it requires in doing the research and compiling findings into a decent paper.

Research papers don’t have to be a headache every time you have to write one. A research paper differs from a research proposal in that a proposal entails reasons why a research should be done while a research paper is a result of such a research.

Structure of the paper

The structure of the research paper, like many other essays, may vary from place to place. Make sure you read the course facilitator’s instructions on the essay so as to avoid making a mistake in the writing of the paper. Typically, the paper has the following sections.

  • Introduction

The introduction is the part of the essay where you are required to state the problem that you intend to address in your paper, what is lacking in the current knowledge on the topic and the objectives that your study intends to achieve.

  • Methods

In the methods section of a research paper, you state the methods that were used in your study. However, you first have to outline the context and setting of the study, the design structure of the research methods, the population sample used in the study and any statistical methods that were used in the project. These include sampling strategies used in collecting test data and the main study variables. In a nutshell, you should outline all methods used in choosing test samples, collecting the information and analyzing the collected data.

  • Results

In results, the researcher makes a report on the data that you got during collection and analysis. You should also describe the demographic of the participants and how the conditions for the tests and collection were expected to affect the collected information. You can also relate the expected results of the research with the real results from the findings.

  • Discussion

In this section, the main findings of the study should be stated. These main points should be compared with previous research and findings to find out if they are consistent across the researches. The implications of the results should also be discussed in this area.

Besides the structure

A good structure makes your paper easy to navigate through. However, even with a flawless structure, a paper is not worth reading unless it has some content to it.

Conduct good research

Information gathering is an important aspect of your research paper. You can collect information direct or used derived information from previous research. Sources where you can gather information include Google Scholar, online encyclopedias, almanacs and databases, books, magazines and periodicals from brick and mortar libraries and government publications.

Research data can also be found in websites. Care has to be taken when using online sources. Only credible sources should be used.

Organize your data

Before you can embark on your essay, you should organize your data into manageable chunks from which, data can be easily derived. After that, use these ordered ideas to come up with an outline of how you intend to present your ideas. You can then come up with a thesis statement that embodies the core aim and findings of your research before embarking on the rest of the essay.

Getting stuck along the way is common, but you can get help at any stage of your writing with unemployed professors, be it research, proofreading or editing.

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